We’re losing our rights to defend ourselves

Have you thought seriously about some of the people who govern our country and our states? Consider the second highest governmental official of the USA. He instructs women, instead of arming themselves with a handgun or maybe even an AR-15, to get a double barreled 12 gauge shot gun. And if there is an imminent intruder, go out on your balcony and fire both barrels into the air. It doesn’t take much thought to wonder, “now what?” when the intruder comes barreling through your door or window? Consider what some others, who have advised women, in all seriousness, on self defense when they are being attacked, have said: “vomit on the perp;” “pretend to faint;” “urinate on the attacker;” “call the police;” “stab him with a ball point pen;” “scream.” Some outfit, maybe a government one, has put out a video instructing people in an office how to combat or deal with a gun toting intruder: “hide, barricade yourself behind a door; if he gets through, grab a pair of scissors.” And there is even a scene in the video of somebody opening a desk drawer and grabbing a pair of scissors in anticipation of the gunman invading his space. All this, of course, is to be an alternative to arming one’s self with a gun for self-defense. These people (all Democrats) are the ones governing or protecting our country, the type of people for whom 51 percent, or so, of our people elected. Given what we have heard from our leaders concerning self defense, what chance do we have against enemies foreign or domestic, especially when one considers that the president wants to let in hordes of illegal immigrant murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and people who would commit mayhem of every description on the populace?

Earl W. Elowsky