Way to make elected officials come together

I’m certain I am not the only one tired of the political game of “he said she said it’s the Democrats it’s the Republicans.” The fact is once the oath of office is taken (from the president right down to the last member of congress) they pledge to represent all the people of their districts (or in the case of the president, all the people) not just the party that voted them into office. The president and many members of congress pretend they are above party prejudices and willing to work across party lines but no one is actually “walking that walk.”

We the people could solve this problem if we would pressure our congressmen until they enact one simple and pure law, with no attachments, tags, or promises attached to it. The law simply stated ; a candidate may only run and be elected to an office once under party affiliations. Once the oath of office is administered to each representative, they become forever after a member of the Incumbent party.

What will this do you say? It will force our politicians to put aside party and work instead for the good of all. It will force them very quickly to bring about campaign reform as now they will need to be able to compete against party members in all future elections. Maybe this is the start we need to get our government to once again govern at greater than a fifth grade level.

Dorothy Boyk