Souvenirs: City selling obsolete street signs

ALPENA -The City of Alpena is three years into a seven-year plan in which it must comply with new road sign standards put in place by the United States Department of Transportation. As the new signs are being installed the Department of Public Works still has an inventory of old signs that have been removed and new signs thsta have never been used but don’t meet the new requirements.

The new and used road signs that are now obsolete are for sale by the city. The used signs will cost $10, while the new signs are $15. There are 59 different road names on the signs most of which the city has more than one. Assistant City Engineer Steve Shultz said the signs for sale range in used signs that have some rust on them to new signs. He said no matter the condition they can’t be used again.

“They are all of the old standard and we have had them in inventory,” Shultz said. “We have some road signs that we have many of because for some reason they seem to disappear more often than others and we would need to replace them.”

Shultz said the new standards will include larger print on them and are easier seen.

“There are new reflectivity standards that the new signs have and the lettering has to be at a minimum six inches in height,” Shultz said. “The lettering also has to be in mixed font, not like the ones that are in all capital letters we have now.”

There is a deadline of 2018 for cities and counties to make the conversion to the new standard signs. Shultz said if things go as planned the city will have all of its new signs installed by 2017. He said the city has a goal of doing 70 intersections a year to get the job done. Shultz said the city orders the signs in bulk and it cost the city about $40 for the signs and brackets per intersection. He said the money from the sale of the old signs will go into the street maintenance fund which will be used for local street repairs and improvements.

People wishing to purchase a street name sign can do so at the Public Works Service Center at 1001 Long Lake Road. For more information contact Tami Romel at the DPW office at 354-1780.

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