Time to look at real culprits for school woes

Your vote did count, by speaking clearly in defeating the AMA ESD school millage request by a 3-1 margin.

Our government is not the total blame for our school’s financial problems.

APS Board showed no concern on the financial outlook for the district when giving $10,000 raise in pay, along with mileage allowance to superintendent Holcomb in 2011; with APS facing rapid declining enrollment, drop in state aid, and higher cost of expenses. Also, we have a high school and an alternative high school, both serving 9-12. With the declining enrollment, one should know, one high school would be efficient. Then, we have a couple more buildings we support, one for AMA ESD and another for APS administration.

AMA ESD, APS Board, and administration has pointed fingers at teachers, busing, and custodians for the high cost of running our schools, when in fact administration is top heavy, along with their payroll and benefits.

It’s time to do right: by holding APS Board accountable to make the right cuts in administration and buildings, along with holding Gov. Snyder accountable in replacing the School Aid Fund.

Taxpayers have voiced their vote – no more tax increases.

Dawn Udell