Why are closed schools still owned by district?

Now that the election has taken place and the results published, my question has still gone unanswered. Can anyone please tell me what we are holding the closed Alpena County schools of Sunset, Long Rapids, and Maple Ridge for, or any of the other closed schools I’m not aware of in this school district? If we don’t have the school census (children) to utilize them why are we collecting taxes to support empty buildings.

Our tax dollars are paying for utilities and maintenance on these buildings and properties. Surely they are not being used for storage or out dated junk?

Maybe what the taxpayers in this school district need to do is ask our school board and administrators for an accounting of each closed facility and what part of the school tax dollars are use to support these vacant unused buildings. Seems to me our school tax dollars could be better spent on other current issues, like the aging busses for one. Guess the tax paying voters must be in agreement.

Diane Laseck