More news about young man with new heart

Someone missed the boat on this article. I wasn’t involved in the story but enough to know most of it.

It’s the beginning of a new life for a young man. It was Jason Ristau; he has a new heart. He had his new heart implanted on the 16th of January, completed in the 17th of January. So far he weathered the storm and is doing nicely. He is still in the hospital at U of M Ann Arbor recuperating. As of yet we don’t know how long he will stay, he has a lot of strength to gain to be healthy again. He’s had a bad heart since he was one day old.

I’ve known Jason since he was born at our hospital, Feb. 12, 1991. He will be 22 years of age Feb. 12, 2013. He’s got a good disposition for the pain he’s endured for so long.

He likes sports, especially the U of M football players he’s got most of their autographs and baseball. He and Brandon Inge are good friends. I think the whole of the U of M hospital knows Jason, he’s been down there so many times.

I will continue to pray for Jason’s good health. He will make it, he’s not a quitter.

Ted King