Celtic Band to perform in Rogers City

ROGERS CITY The Conklin Ceili Celtic Band will perform Irish-American folk music Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Rogers City Community Theatre.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little early and listen to the authentic Irish-American folk music of the band. It formed in 1997 and originally played the traditional songs and tunes of Ireland.

Due to this early direction, the band developed a significant repertoire of the jigs, reels and hornpipes as well as the ballads and pub songs of the Irish people. Its members created a unique sound by mixing traditional instrumentals into their songs and incorporating the songs of modern Irish and Irish descendants, such as Tim O’Brien, into the mix.

What developed was an exciting and unique presentation that lets the listener experience the history of the Irish people, their music and customs in a very entertaining way known as the “Irish diaspora.” They combine history, customs and folklore, mixed with a liberal dose of humor in a way that ties you to the Irish experience.

The five member band includes Mick Lane who plays the six and 12-string guitar, Irish bouzouki, bodhran, and whistles. Additionally, he is the front man, historian, humorist, and is one of the lead and support vocalists.

Tom Verlin plays the mandolin, Irish bouzouki, guitar and bodhran. He also provides vocal support and lead vocals. Natalie Beversluis plays the violin and bodhran and also provides vocal support and lead vocals. Mike Scott plays banjo and is one of the lead singers and support vocals. Jon Koeze plays bass guitar and sings support vocals.

The Conklin Ceili Celtic Band is presented by the Presque Isle District Library. For more information, contact the library at 734-2477. General admission is $5 per person.