Time to show more love toward one another

“They shall know we are Catholic Christians by our love?”

This love has been challenged in our Catholic Community because it has been necessary to combine the administration of our four parishes to one central location due to the financial strains in which we find ourselves at present.

Father Schaeffer came into a situation in which he was asked by our bishop to lead us through these troubled waters. We as faithful believers were taught to live Gospel values in our lives. But sometimes we can get complacent, have unrealistic expectations, become too demanding, selfish, and not practice the Gospel values we were taught.

The threats that have been made to Fr. Schaeffer’s life show that evil is creeping into our community.

Are we as faith-filled Catholic Christians going to stop this evil? Why don’t we show more respect for each other and our God by loving one another as we ought, and whomever God sends as “shepherd of our souls?”

The, others will say, “See how they love one another.”

Mary A. Seguin