Do something to stop accidents now, not later

Yet another accident on M-32 in front of WalMart.

One of these days there is going to be a horrific tragedy at that location. How many people will be maimed, injured or killed that day and before something is done to redirect the vehicles entering or exiting that parking lot?

When it happens there will be consequences beyond the agonizing effect on the families involved. There will be legal ramifications that the citizens of this area, via their taxes, will end up being financially responsible for, paying out huge sums to litigate or settle lawsuits resulting from the senseless tragedy.

I don’t want to pay later for something that should be addressed today. Alpena Township needs to demand changes be made at that location that eliminate the ability of drivers to turn left into or out of that lot. It can be easily done. Drivers can be rerouted to the light and the access to all of the stores in that area should be by a service drive that is safe and sensible for the flow of traffic.

Until then, to those of you who are in a big hurry are distracted or simply careless, you are risking your lives, your passengers lives and the lives of people who are simply driving by when you decide you have to pull out right now. Stop and wait for a safe opening. That few seconds you gain by zooming out in a tiny opening aren’t worth it. You don’t want to kill or be killed.

Terri Riopelle