Here’s Plan B solution for our area schools

There is a plan B and you can find it in History. Remember History repeats itself. In 1992 the small school district of Kalkaska decided that “… they had cut the fat and the muscle but they would not cut the bone.” (Free Press Editorial) They had three millage’s fail. The school board decided that they would run a quality program and when the money ran out they would end the school year. In March 1993 they cancelled spring sports, set a graduation date, and closed school. Then Gov. John Engler went ballistic saying that they could not do that. The Kalkaska school district said they were out of money and would not deficit spend. That is how we got Prop A. Thus we need Prop B … a new way to figure out our financing for public schools. However, the legislature again needs to be moved into action. If the school districts of Alpena, Alcona, Hillman and a few others like Posen and Roger City joined together and said they would adopt this plan, then all of northeastern Michigan would force the legislature and governor to find a solution. Maybe other school districts across the state would follow suit. There is a Plan B, but the superintendents and the school board members need to have the guts to do it.

John Dixon

Hubbard Lake