Hypothermia likely cause of teen’s death

ATLANTA – A forensic autopsy of 16-year-old Travis Armstrong of Atlanta was conducted in Grand Rapids on Monday, and the preliminary findings indicate the probable cause of death is hypothermia. Although no obvious signs of trauma associated with foul play were discovered during the autopsy, this possibility is not being ruled out until a final autopsy report has been received and the investigation has been completed.

The Michigan State Police Alpena Post reports that Armstrong had likely attended a party at a friend’s residence on the evening of Friday where alcoholic beverages were being consumed. Until the toxicology results from the autopsy have been received, the MSP will not comment as to whether Armstrong was consuming any of those beverages.

Although the friend’s residence where the party was being held was within walking distance of Armstrong’s residence, he was not appropriately dressed to walk the distance for the conditions and temperatures late that Friday night or early Saturday morning. A complete autopsy report, along with the toxicology findings may not be received for several weeks.

Anyone with additional information that could assist with this investigation is requested to contact the MSP Alpena Post at 354-4101.

A candlelight vigil was held in Armstrong’s honor Sunday evening in Atlanta, planned by his friends. They provided music, balloons, and candles for everyone. A large amount of Atlanta youth were in attendance along with his family.

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