Sundin applies for management position

When Greg Sundin took over as interim city manager in Alpena in May he had no intent of taking the position full time. He figured he would assume the role left vacant after to termination of Thad Taylor until the the Alpena Municipal Council hired a full time replacement. Now, after eight months as acting manager, Sundin has decided he wants to be considered for the job when the council concludes its search in April.

Sundin, who is also the city’s planning and development director, said he never took the temporary managing job with the intent of getting it on a permanent basis.

“Now that I have been doing it for about eight months I feel like I have grown into the position,” Sundin said. “We have a great staff from top to bottom and I think there are a lot of great possibilities ahead of us and I believe I can help with us moving forward. I have submitted my letter of interest and resume and we will see how it all shakes out.”

Sundin has not only handling the management duties, but also continued to hold down his responsibilities as a planner. He said the staff have all worked together to pick up any slack there might have been. He said he is hopeful he is considered for the job, but that if for some reason he didn’t get the council’s approval, he would be happy to move back to his planning job. He said it has only been in the last few weeks when he began to think seriously about applying for the manager post. He said he wanted to wait until some of the city’s other issues were resolved before making a final decision.

“I was beginning to feel comfortable, but there was still the recall and then the special election, which created a level of uncertainty. Now we have our council in place and I think we can all move forward now. I am looking forward to being a part in that.”

The job vacancy is being advertised currently and the applications are due on March 22.

The council will select candidates on April 1 and first round interviews will be on April 13. There will then be another round of interviews on April 20, before the council makes its final decision on April 22.

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