Congressman needs to rethink his position

Rep. Dan Benishek was quoted in today’s Alpena News as saying, “…more people are killed by hammers each year than with bullets.” Apparently our congressman was citing, albeit inaccurately, an item on the website which states that more people are killed with blunt objects, such as hammers, than are killed with rifles.

Criticizing the proposed ban on assault weapons, Breitbart uses the FBI’s uniform crime statistics to note, for example, that in 2007 rifles claimed 453 lives, while blunt objects claimed 647. (Obviously, in 2007 a lot more people were killed with handguns than any other weapon.) If Rep. Benishek thinks more citizens are killed by hammers than bullets, he must also believe that there are only a few hundred gun deaths in the U.S. each year. Really? Does he personally check the FBI’s crime statistics? Does he read a newspaper?

Rep. Benishek opposes changes to gun laws because he thinks such changes are unconstitutional. First, he should get his gun-death facts straight. Then he should reconsider his position as it relates to combat weapons, high-capacity magazines, and inadequate background checking.

John E. Laycock

Presque Isle