Rep. Benishek needs to get his facts straight

Congressman Dan Benishek was quoted in the Alpena News “What people need to recognize is, a gun is a tool, and more people are killed by hammers each year than with bullets.”

He needs to check his facts.

As wrote, “Now, while rifles account for only a few hundred homicides every year, guns overall are responsible for many, many more murders – almost all of them. If you add up all the other methods used to kill people in 2011 (fire, drowning, poison, strangling, hammers, etc.), you get 4,081 non-gun homicides. That’s fewer than half of the 8,583 gun homicides. Guns killed more than 17 times more people than hammers and are responsible for nearly 70 percent of total murders. There’s a reason you don’t hear about mass hammering sprees.”

Diana Kelly