Plow truck breaks gas pipe

ALPENA – Emergency personnel directed traffic away from a gas leak at Sunset School Saturday morning, according to a press release.

Alpena Fire Department personnel responded at 5:38 a.m. after a plow truck struck gas meter attached to the school, according to the release. The driver accidentally backed into the yellow hazard pole, breaking it off at ground level and then striking the gas meter. The accident broke the gas pipe off below the meter and the shut-off valve, and a DTE Energy crew had some trouble stopping the leak. City police redirected traffic away from the scene, and Hobbs drive was temporarily closed between Third Avenue and Grant Street.

After an attempt to seal it off with a press tool was unsuccessful, more gas company personnel were called to the scene, according to the release. They were able to slow the leak using a wood dowel, at which point police opened Hobbs Drive to traffic again. With the help of a hydraulic clamp wrench, the DTE crew was able to completely stop the leak. Firefighters and DTE personnel checked the school for explosive levels and ventilated the structure.

No one was injured, although the plow truck sustained damage in the accident, according to the release.