ACC women fall to Wayne after strong first half

The ACC women’s basketball team celebrated sophomore and parent’s night on Saturday before their game against Wayne Community College. Allison Burley, Courtanee Stieg, Lauren Seibert, Karena Hipkins and Sheri Smith all got the chance to start as their parents cheered them on.

Unfortunately, the game ended up being a 67-57 win for Wayne, in spite of a 26-26 tie at the half.

“We just didn’t handle the pressure very well in the second half. Once Wayne brought up the press, the girls tried to dribble through it instead of passing,” head coach Bobby Allen said.

Wayne jumped up to a quick 4-0 start. The Lumberjacks played tough defense though and were able to effectively shut down some big offensive drives.

Particularly effective was Hipkins who hit a field goal and a three to take the game to 8-5 six minutes in. The starting sophomores did a solid job of passing around the perimeter and setting up offensive plays but the ball struggled to drop.

Slowly but surely ACC narrowed the lead thanks to solid defensive and offense by Whitney Frazier and Seibert. These two were especially effective against tough Wayne defense.

The first half turned into a back-and-forth scoring bonanza after Frazier hit a three to take the lead 14-11 with eight minutes left.

Wayne answered back with continued offensive aggressiveness but Frazier hit another three to take a 19-17 lead with five and a half minutes left. The lead ended up changing seven times in the last eight minutes as a Seibert free throw with 13 seconds to go tied the game 26-26.

The second half started very similar to the first. The lead swapped hands five times in those three minutes but a Daysha Jolliff three pointer five minutes in pulled Wayne up to 36-33.

ACC never recovered offensively as Wayne pulled slowly ahead.

The Jacks were helped out by Seibert and?Monticello treys but Wayne’s offensive momentum and tight defensive attack held ACC at bay till the end of the game.

“The first half we played really well as a team and stopped the press. But in the second half they put the pressure up on the point guards,” Seibert said.

Wayne (67): C. Johnson 2-0-0-4: D. Jolliff 3-3-7-10: S. Jones 3-0-0-6: C. Irving 6-0-0-12: K. Johns 3-0-0-7: S. Tolbert 2-3-4-7: A. Douglas 4-1-3-9: S. Baker 6-0-0-12.

Alpena (57): A. Burley 0-4-4-4: C. Steig 2-0-0-4: L. Seibert 3-5-6-12: K. Hipkins 2-0-0-5: S. Smith 1-0-0-2: W. Frazier 3-0-0-8: A. Monticello 2-4-4-9: K. Wollan 0-2-2-2: A. Nowak 4-0-0-8: E. Nowak 0-2-2-2.