Gov. Snyder has state going in right direction

As I read the letters to the editor, I am always amused whenever I read a letter written by a true believing socialist. It usually goes something like this: Snyder is taxing us to death, we cant take anymore of this. Well true believers, here is a little lesson from reality. There is no free lunch! You remember that lady Jennifer Granholm? Seems that she gave away a lot of free stuff, for eight years. Then after she bankrupted the state of Michigan, she boogied out to California to live, so she could high five all those true believers out there. Wonder how their cash flow situation is? Pretty dismal last time I looked.

Anyway I digress. Our governor is now trying to pay for all the free stuff of the last administration. That is how responsible government works. Sorry you have such high taxes, maybe when we get all the debt paid off, and the slackers off the dole, we can return to a lower tax rate. Right now we are making good headway under Rick Snyder. Heck, for the first time in a long time Michigan is in the black. Live long and prosper under free market capitalism, there are brighter times ahead for our wonderful state

Bill Johnson