Vote no on the millage request on Tuesday

As reported to the State of Michigan, we are paying the top 8 administrators within AMA-ESD, Alpena Public School and Alcona Public School an excess of 1.25 million dollars each year. I’m sure if we had access to their “books” the number would increase.

Note these administrators’ salaries and benefits: Alpena Supt. $178,000, Alpena Assistant Supt. $159,000, Alpena Operations Supt. $147,000, Alcona Supt. $172,000, Alcona Business Manager (info not available).

AMA Administrative salaries are available but benefit package is estimated at 30 percent, which is State average. AMA Supt. approximately $156,000 plus estimated benefits approximately $200,000, AMA Assistant Superintendent $113,000 plus estimated benefits $146,000, AMA Special Ed Director approximately $115,000 plus estimated benefits approximately $149,000. AMA General Ed Director approximately $100,000 plus estimated benefits $130,000. If you would like specific facts and figures ask for a copy of their contracts under The Freedom of Information Act.

Through free publicity or propaganda spots (TV, forums, newspaper articles) I have not seen or heard one word the education of our kids is so important that the Superintendents would take any kind of pay cut. Yet, they want the tax payer to vote themselves a 50 percent increase in school tax.

If those listed administrators would cut their contract package by 50 percent, we could save over $650,000. When WAFB closed the Oscoda Schools took a direct hit, but they survived through diligent management and not an enhanced millage. At a recent Oscoda basketball game, they had a band and cheerleaders. Their Board and Superintendent must be doing something right.

Don’t be misled by overpaid superintendents and inexperienced business managers, who want more and more pay raises. Take a friend to the polls Feb. 26 and vote No.

Ben Rice

Barton City