Sorry, can’t support enhancement millage

I’ve been reading the letters to you encouraging a yes vote on the up coming millage the 26th, no doubt written by most of the school board and their people who have so much more to gain than I do.

I retired from the Royal Oak Fire Dept. in 1984 at what I then thought to be a pretty good wage. We didn’t pay Social Security back then but we contributed 8% of our pay for retirement when everyone else was contributing 3 percent to Social Security.

I managed to put three kids through school and college, but didn’t manage to put much away for my own future. What I have to live on today is exactly the same as what I got back then. No new money, no c.o.l.a. no nothing. Now, due to everything costing so much more, I find I’m living just below the poverty level and these people want me to pay more taxes for the next 10 years so they can live better. No thank you.

I’m sure there are many others out there, Sr. citizens, old people, the same as I and I encourage you to vote no on this millage the same as I’m going to do.

And if that guy down in Lansing has his way we will be paying more for gas and license plates. I may as well get rid of my car because I won’t be able to drive it any more

Ray Geary