Millage shouldn’t be supported because of GOP

Gov. Rick Snyder and his Republican Legislature took away from the children of Michigan by diverting $400 million/$260 per student from the School Aid Fund. Currently, 37 counties, nearly half the counties in the state of Michigan are holding special ballot elections on Feb. 26 relating to money or bonds for schools which means higher millage and taxes. Has anyone seen any jobs from the 1.8 million he gave to businesses in tax breaks? If you are drinking the Kool-Aid, we should be on the road to riches, so why do we need 10 years of higher millage rates and more taxes. Now, we have ethics questions being raised over how the AMA-ESD has campaigned for this special millage rate. But as I see it, it’s GOP business as usual, win at any cost. Snyder went in the back door and took the money from our children, and now he’s knocking on our front door to get us to pay for it again. Our children deserve a quality education, but an increase in millage might take away the roof over their heads. Vote no on this millage.

Kat Chase

Barton City