Editorial: Select who you believe will best lead us

Last week the headline of an editorial stated it was time to focus on present and future Alpena.

Alpena city voters Tuesday will have the opportunity to do just that by turning out at the polls. Five candidates are vying for two council positions, and each brings a unique skillset and philosophy with them as they seek office.

For city voters it is not going to be an easy task to select two from the five, as each of the candidates we believe offers special strengths. It is gratifying to see such interest in these positions and to know that community service is valued by each of those seeking office.

Make no mistake, these are tough times for public servants in Michigan, especially those who serve in positions such as city council in communities our size. A declining tax base from a depressed real estate market, dwindling revenue sharing options from the state, high unemployment and a dwindling population base certainly provide more than enough challenges for seasoned officials, let alone new ones.

Despite the hurdles, there are five men and women who believe they are ready for the task ahead and anxious to share their vision and wisdom with the rest of council.

We urge city residents to vote Tuesday. Study the candidates’ positions, understand their vision and know their philosophy. Choose the candidates you believe best qualified to lead the city into the future.

Then vote accordingly, and all of us will benefit by your participation in the electoral process.