Pied Piper holds annual carnival

ALPENA – Friday was an appropriate day for Pied Piper Opportunity Center’s annual Winter Carnival as the snow steadily fell in Alpena. The students enjoyed snowmobile rides, snow spray-painting, sledding, snow bowling, hot cocoa, and a fire pit to gather around and keep warm. Volunteers from the Alpena Community College nursing program, homeschool groups, and members of the community came together for a fun-filled day in the snow.

“Our biggest supporters are the community,” Principal Mary Zann said. “We are always open to any community volunteers and groups.”

Pied Piper has 62 students, seven teachers, and many paraprofessionals on its staff, helping to ensure their students’ success.

“When you’re having fun you don’t even think about the cold when you’re a kid.” Leonard Spencer, paraprofessional and winter carnival chair, said. “It’s a nice break for students and a great day to enjoy the winter and the snow.”

After spending time outdoors, students enjoyed a hot group lunch with chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese, and many more treats prepared by the staff. The winter carnival has been going on at Pied Piper for over 15 years.

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