Already paid fair share of taxes to schools

The AMA-ESD is asking for an “enhanced” millage for more money to operate.

Every time a millage increase has passed the state has reduced its contribution to the schools by that amount. Thus any additional money raised locally will end up being just a “windfall” for the state.

The state and schools are still collecting almost the same money as before. Property values have declined some, but overall, not that much.

Since the state pays on a per student basis, when enrollment declines the state reduces the payments to schools yet continues to collect virtually the same taxes. The state then diverts the extra money elsewhere. It does not give schools more. The money the state collects should be divided among the students, thus if enrollment declines the per-student payment should go up.

My personal opinion is I have already paid the state to fund schools and educate our children. Now they need to do the job.

As far as the AMA-ESD is concerned they are just another level of bureaucratic fluff. I believe that they are trying to get more money, not to educate our children but to preserve their cushy jobs and fat paychecks.

Our energy should be spent compelling the state to put back the money they stole from our children’s education. Please vote no on the millage request.

Thomas VanDuinen