Bingham board supports AMA millage

The Bingham Arts Academy Board of Directors strongly supports the Feb. 26 millage to provide much needed funding for Alpena Public Schools and surrounding districts.

Bingham Arts Academy is a free, public charter school that offers students a personalized and exciting learning experience in small class settings. While none of the money from the millage will come to our school, we support it because it’s the right thing to do. We believe in quality education. Period.

We encourage the parents of our students and the community as a whole to support the millage. Education is the surest way to invest in the livelihood of our community. If we want higher graduation rates, lower crime rates and lower poverty rates, we all must support funding for education. It is not a choice, it is a necessity.

Schools have been doing more with less for too long. Budgets are stretched thin and our students suffer. This millage is about the quality of life for us all, not just for families with children in our schools. When we invest in education, our investments pay dividends in the future.

Your vote in support of the millage on Feb. 26 is a vote for a brighter future for our community.

Bingham Art Academy Board of Directors