Wellness and nutrition coach to sign copies of cookbook

Wellness and nutrition coach Jenn Dubey’s bucket list used to include plans to write a cookbook.

She has since crossed that item off as mission accomplished with the recent publication of “Evolving Your Favorite Classics.”

Dubey, of Lansing, will be at Blue Phoenix Books in Alpena from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday to sign copies of her new cookbook. She also will present three recipes and demonstrate how to make eating healthy, simple and delicious.

“I always had a bucket list item of doing a cookbook,” Dubey said. “I am incredibly passionate about nutrition. I believe nutrition is 80 percent of what makes a person well.”

While at Blue Phoenix Books, she will provide a fun and interactive session that includes such topics as why a calorie is not a calorie and how to use food as a method of decreasing the risk of chronic disease.

A graduate of Freeland High School and Kellogg College, where she obtained a degree in physical therapy, Dubey spent 12 years as a certified personal trainer and nutritional coach in the Lansing area.

“Most of that time I worked with one-on-one clients helping to find solutions to health problems,” she said.

Two years ago she left the gym scene as a trainer and started Evolve Corporate Wellness, an organization that works with companies to help them find sustained solutions to rising health care costs and to help them improve productivity.

“Because companies typically pay in a large share of health care coverage, it makes sense to take an active interest in the health of employees,” Dubey said.

It was while working with organizations that she began hearing a lot of people say cooking healthy is too expensive or too time consuming.

“I thought we need to do something to debunk that myth,” she said. “I started putting together recipes that I either came across and modified or ones that other people had provided.”

When she finally had 50 recipes, she decided to put them together in a simple cookbook. Most of the recipes feature eight ingredients or less and take 25 minutes to prepare from start to finish.

Many of the recipes are “evolved” takes on classics like French Fries (now Sweet Potato Fries) or a healthy version of Chocolate Mousse.

“I started to take American classics people really love and made them healthy,” Dubey said.

In her cookbook she also provides healthy tips and a shopping list of staples that those who opt to use her cookbook might want to stock up on.

Dubey is excited to be coming to Blue Phoenix Books since her husband, Chad, is an Alpena native who graduated from Alpena High School in 1991. His mother, Martha Dubey, resides in the area.

Saturday’s book signing event is free to the public. Copies of Dubey’s book will be available for purchase at the bookstore, located at 106 N. Second. For more information, contact Blue Phoenix Books at 278-4020.