State trying to destroy public education; vote no

Let me get this right. The last GOP governor, John Engler in 1994 passed Proposal A to fund K-12 schools exclusively with a $0.06 sales tax instead of schools having to seek millages. Well, our new GOP governor Rick Snyder and our GOP legislators cut over $1.2 billion from schools, cities, villages and townships and now they are asking the voters for millages. This is the same governor who gave his business friends $1.5 billion tax breaks and to add insult to injury, he wants to raise the sales tax by two cents and add a $120 per vehicle fee to repair our roads. Anyone can see what these clowns are for (shaft the poor and middle class and making the rich richer). These GOP law makers are making this the most anti-democratic state in the union.

I’m sorry, but this retired person will be voting no on the Feb. 26 school millage. This is a state that wants to destroy public education and the voters better wake up soon and with right-to-work law, we’ll all be working for Wal-Mart and McDonald’s wages soon.

Dennis Oldaugh