Priest doesn’t deserve to receive death threats

It was with a sad heart that I am writing this. I am a member of the Alpena Catholic Community. Our new priest has received more than one death threat letter. I cannot imagine coming into a new community with expectations of a “Warm and Friendly Port” and being treated this way. Changes are being made in our offices but absolutely nothing justifies this behavior. He is not responsible for the changes. I am embarrassed for our community that this man of God is being treated this way. I pray to God our police force will find the perpetrator and deal with this serious threat to our community’s safety. No one should have to fear for their life and no one should be so distraught over change they would resort to such low blows. Change happens every day and it is usually a good thing. Unfortunately, sometimes, it is not so good for some others. Some of my best friends have lost their jobs. We cannot tolerate this type of terrorist behavior in our city. Help stop this person, if you know anything about him or her do your civic duty and keep this community a “Warm and Friendly Port.” Fr. Schaeffer: I am sorry this is happening to you, you certainly do not deserve this type of treatment. This is not typical of our wonderful city. Please hang in there and you will see the beauty of our amazing, loving and caring citizens of which this city is truly made of. God Bless you. To the perpetrator if you are reading this, remember what you learned in kindergarten, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” “Think before you speak, is it helpful or harmful?” I’m sure your mother is not proud of this.

Penny Pelleran