We need to support millage and our schools

We need to vote “Yes” on the School Millage on Feb. 26. Here’s why:

Our schools need our help. They did not create the funding problems. They have cut to the bone and it is still not enough. APS closed buildings and cut programs and balanced the budget only to have the state cut funding again. This happens year after year. Lansing is not taking care of the problems they have created. Let’s pull together and take care of our own like we always have. This is one of the only ways to show “local control” that we have left. So let’s take it and stand up for our future.

Our schools are important to northern Michigan. APS offers vocational programs without additional funding. Kids here learn welding and farming right alongside algebra and biology. We need both and we need it right here. We need to show our children that they have a future here.

A lot of the laws that Lansing passes do not make sense for northern Michigan. They pass these laws because schools down state do not always do what is in the best interest of our children. Our schools should not suffer because of bad apples elsewhere. One size does not fit all. We know what’s best for us and we should be able to decide, not Lansing.

The millage will be good for us. Good schools help us attract doctors to the area. Good schools help our property values. Good schools help us keep jobs in the area. Good schools educate our future. We have good schools. Make sure we keep them by voting Yes on Feb. 26.

Richard Hunter