Vote no on the Feb. 26 AMA?ESD millage

Does the AMA-ESD even care about:

1. The hundreds of people that have lost their homes, or property, in the last five years to mortgage foreclosure. (Estimates say we have the same number to look forward to over the next five years)

2. The hundreds of people losing their homes or property to property tax foreclosure over the last five years. (Watch local paper, over the next 60 days, to see this year’s less fortunate)

3. The many NE Michigan residents working five to six days a week, 8-10 hours a day, and 52 weeks a year, just to break even. (Paycheck to paycheck)

4. The many seniors, living on fixed income, who sometimes have to choose between food or medicine.

5. The small business owners, who over the recent economic downturn, are barely keeping their heads above water.

6. Our farmers, who work tirelessly to attempt to make a profit. (These farmers have large parcels and will shoulder a huge burden with a three mill increase)

None of the above mentioned people have the option of passing a millage to stay afloat. They must live within their means and make tough decisions. We all have chosen to live in NE Michigan, and with that choice comes sacrifice.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the lucrative education contracts and administration salaries do not exhibit sacrifice. I’m just not convinced this additional millage is earmarked for our most valuable assets (our children). This is not the last millage request. With all of the state and municipal budgets being stretched, you can be sure we will be looking at additional requests. Hopefully more budget transparency will be available so we can make good, informed decisions.

Vote no.

Anne Marie Richardson

Barton City