City approves ad language for city manager’s position

ALPENA – Alpena Municipal Council reviewed the recruitment ad that is going to be used in the pursuit of city manager candidates. After some deliberation only a few changes to the ad will be made, including what the salary structure will be. If everything goes according to plan, it is expected a new city manager should be selected on April 22, more than a year after former manager Thad Taylor was let go.

The ad stated a qualified candidate could earn between $90,000 and $100,000 depending on the amount of experience he or she has. After some discussion, it was decided to remove the dollar amounts because the council didn’t want to back itself into a corner should it choose to hire someone for a lesser amount.

Councilman Mike Polluch said with the way the job market is, the city could have candidates who are qualified who might be willing to work for less, but if the salary is in print the city may be forced to pay more than it needs to.

“If that number is printed, is it going to be set in stone? Does the average manager the size of a town this size get paid that much,” Polluch said. “We don’t want to put that out there and then conduct interviews and tell them we only want to pay $80,000.”

Mayor Matt Waligora said the wage was set in accordance with what previous city managers had earned. He said the amount is not set in stone and after some more discussion it was decided to remove the amounts and have the consultant change the wording to indicate wage will be determined on experience.

Waligora said the latest timeline issued by the consultant calls for the ad to be published on Feb. 19 and applications due March 22. On April 1, the council will select candidates and the first round of interviews will begin on April 13. Final interviews are expected to take place on April 20 and a final decision made at the council’s regular meeting on April 22.

In other business:

  • the council voted to test broadcasting council meetings on a YouTube channel. There was some concern about if people could alter the video or if comment boxes could create controversy. It was decided to give it a test run and the meeting should be up and operating on the video website about Tuesday.
  • the council voted to allow the new Alpena logo to be used on city business cards, documents and clothes. The new logo is a part of the new branding effort.
  • the board agreed to support the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce for the Alpena College Access Network Grant.

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