Some tax numbers to consider about millage

Enhancement millage facts.

Fact 1: Since Proposal A was passed our local schools have not had equal funding from the State. The difference is at least $3,000 per student per year.

Fact 2. Taxes from the school districts, and what each school district will receive, is listed below. This revenue is based on $1023 per student and follows the State Aid formula.

Alcona taxes would pay $1,529,056, their revenue would be $797,129.

Alpena taxes would pay $3,079,685, their revenue would be $4,052,586

Atlanta taxes would pay $504,355, their revenue would be $258,888

Hillman taxes would pay $$527,768, their revenue would be $532,101

Alpena and Hillman would get more in revenue than their tax base with the three mill levy. Alcona and Atlanta together would pay in about $972,000 to Alpena and Hillman $4,000. Alpena schools are definitely a huge benefactor in this millage.

Fact 3. I consulted the county equalization departments, and most townships pay about 20-24 mills for homestead taxes. If that is the case, then those folks would pay an additional 12-15 percent each year in taxes. Added to that, most townships use a collection administration fee of 1 percent, which would give the taxing units, not the schools, about $5.600 in total each year. Nonhomestead taxes in townships would rise about 7-10 percent per year as they are already paying the 18 mills for schools. The city and village taxes would also rise.

Fact 4. If some school districts are paying into other school districts, would this not be taxation without representation? Alcona and Atlanta folks can’t vote for Alpena and Hillman school board members. There could be many changes in 10 years that the millage is in effect.

Daryl Peterson