Leonard Pitts rants continue to ignore facts

We should appreciate The Alpena News for occasionally alerting us to the crazy nut jobs on the left as it has again on Thursday, Feb. 7. Leonard Pitts, in one of his liberal rants, attacks people who have defended their right to own and bear arms for their protection, making fun of Gyle Trotter and Wayne LaPierre. He accuses them of lunacy. Lunacy is what Leonard Pitts writes in his article. Anyone who has, even in a cursory way, researched the reason for the inclusion of the Second Amendment knows that it was primarily to prevent tyrants and despots from tyrannizing the people. Pitts’ loony statement, “tyranny is not imminent,” demonstrates how mindless his position is. So you wait until tyranny is imminent to arm yourself. We can see how that mind set (“mindless set”) played out in Benghazi. Pitts ridicules Trotter for her wanting to protect herself and her children from “five violent attackers.” He says both LaPierre’s and Trotter’s scenarios are far fetched. Regardless of how many attackers there are, superior firepower is preferred to an empty magazine. In his typical liberal ignoring of facts, Pitts neglects to mention that perhaps a million people a year defend themselves against attack with firearms. He observes that when the Second Amendment was passed people had only muskets. Big whoop, as if the gutting of the Second Amendment is justified thereby. When it comes to defending one’s self from attackers, it is always good to bring a gun to a knife fight, to have superior force, whatever it takes to defeat the enemy and then some.

Earl W. Elowsky