Support the millage for the sake of our kids

Let’s all pull together in support of the most important resource we have today in our community and nation – the “kids.” Without a doubt, what we do collectively to enhance the education of our youth in this day and age will have a tremendous impact on the kind of future we will experience as human beings locally, statewide, and nationally. Education must be a priority.

We need to look at this enhancement millage seriously and do our part locally by supporting the AMA-ESD proposal of three mills that are on the ballot for consideration Feb. 26, 2013. Our “kids” need us for this enhancement money because frankly the Governor and his GOP legislators, including Rep. Pettalia, took the money from them. We have no choice if we want to maintain at least basic programs for our “kids” locally. Without this enhancement money, “kids” will suffer even more. Yes, it will be a sacrifice for us property owners but remember the most important resource we have, the “kids” are worth the sacrifice. Let’s do this together and for the “kids” of our AMA-ESD Community. A yes vote will be worth it for all of us today and tomorrow as we help at a time when it is badly needed for the continued education of our youth. Let’s pull together for “kids” sake.

Thomas Sharpe