No jail deal for Montmorency, Oscoda

ATLANTA – The Montmorency County Board of Commissioners discussed the possibility of Oscoda County holding prisoners elsewhere due to high ambulance costs and health plans. Commissioners Stacy Carroll and Daryl Peterson, along with Sheriff Don Edwards, met with Oscoda Commissioners Robert Boerner, Jack Kischnick, and Undersheriff Edward Pokrzywnicki on Tuesday to further discuss the issue.

“We talked about the fee per day, but we won’t go any lower than what we are,” Carroll said. “We also talked about health plans, doctors, and nurses. The biggest issue or concern is ambulance fees … We told them we couldn’t do anything at this time, they are what they are.”

Carroll said raising cost per day for work release was discussed, but would not fit with the Montmorency County Jail because too few of inmates participate in work release programs.

“The biggest thing is the ambulance. Tri-Township is a separate entity; the $1,000 per run is a big thing. I think they lent us an ear if nothing else,” Peterson said. “They never complained about patient treatment, it’s just the overall costs.”

However, the Montmmorency commissioners asked for an exclusive contract with Oscoda, but were denied. Commissioner Gene Thornton said there is a possibility Oscoda will be contracting with Ogemaw County for $15 per day, but the Oscoda County Board of Commissioners met earlier this week and has not taken any official action on the issue.