Look around and see we need tax break

If your were at WalMart on Sunday Mr. Pettalia, you may have seen me as I went from store to store with my coupons, trying to save a dime here and there. Or, you may have seen the 30ish young dad holding a sign looking for food or work. You may have seen the young mom inside looking worried that she would not have enough money to pay for her groceries. Maybe if the earned income credit had not been decimated this year, maybe if the credit for dependent children was not eliminated this year, maybe if my social security was not taxed this year, you may not have witnessed these scenarios. Mr. Pettalia, examine your conscience and vote to tone down Gov. Snyder’s proposed budget. To tax us more with license tabs and gasoline is criminal. Tell me Mr. Pettalia, where are we supposed to get this extra money?

Alida Bywater

Presque Isle