There must be a better way to pay for schools

Why is this vote being held Feb. 26, 2013? Is it because many seniors are “snowbirds” and won’t make it to the polls? That’s a devious move by AMA-ESD.

AMA-ESD is paying for this “special attention.” They also hired a math consultant. APS hired a math consultant and a parent coordinator. How many other “positions” have been added in the last four years? If AMA-ESD and APS are truly broke, where did the money come from for these new hires?

AMA-ESD claims to have lost 700 students. So why are they hiring more people; shouldn’t they be laying people off? Has any thought been given to consolidating services? Example: One business manager for all four school districts, instead of one for each district? That would save money, staff, and computer equipment.

There has been no talk of re-negotiating salaries, benefits or retirement packages. why not? It’s happened in all aspects of the private business sector. If enrollment is down, you should be able to reduce staff and building requirements significantly, reducing overall costs.

Thirty-five years ago we lived through similar circumstances with APS. On “Black Friday” we lost busing, sports and went to “pay to play” extra curricular activities. Our children still graduated from APS and APS is still operating. Mr. John Taylor, Superintendent and his “common sense” school board made it happen.

What with all the other millages we support, 13 in all, ACC, Library, Recreation, Hospital, Ambulance, Roads, etc., coming up for renewal within the span of 10 years, how can we justify three more mills for 10 years for AMA-ESD to spend as they see fit?

There has to be a better solution. Please AMA-ESD Board, make the tough decisions you were elected to make.

Rick Parr