Michigan GOP shows again it will ruin state

Jan. 31 front page and bottom story continues to prove, that Michigan Republicans and their broken promises will ruin this state. With promises of cutting and controlling spending, Snyder’s determination that RTW wasn’t on his agenda and no increase in taxes, will we ever realize what their real agenda is? They’ve taxed retiree’s pensions, want to build another bridge to Canada and now, they want to double fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees or, raise the sales tax to 8 percent. With Michigan a primary manufacturing state, much of it related to the auto industry, the sales tax on automobiles or trucks would discourage many from purchasing. When one looks at a $30k auto and the current 6 percent tax, the auto cost is $31,800. This will increase to $34,400 with a 2 percent increase in sales tax. This tax greatly increases for those who would need trucks or expensive equipment. How many manufacturing jobs or businesses related to RVs, boating, or casual farming will be lost because of this increase in taxes? How much tourism will our area lose because of gasoline taxes/prices and/or sale tax increases?

You can bet one or the other will be rammed down our throats by republicans, just like taxing the retirees, RTW, a new bridge to Canada and now, we also have to consider that there is a millage proposal, asking that we pay an additional 3 mills on our property taxes for schools. When will we ever stand up and say, enough is enough?

George Perry

Hubbard Lake