Emotions, mental state are the real killers

Anger, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Bullying, hopelessness and helplessness; these are the true killers of people. These are the real triggers of death. It really doesn’t matter if the weapon of choice is a gun, knife, chemical or bomb. None of these can kill by their selves. They all require a human intervention to work. So where are our studies on these real killers? Where is the funding to address the real dangers in our society? Why does no one in congress have the courage to step up and say “hey, why don’t we address the real problem, America is no longer a safe place to live. Why? We the government can no longer guarantee your safety. We have failed the American people and we are so broken, we can no longer come together to find a cure.” Gun rights have already been curtailed by laws that are already in the books but not enforced. Shame on the politicians hiding behind a tragedy and using it for their own gain or personal agenda. Be wary what you wish for. Take away more gun rights and the next mass murder may well be with bombs. What will the government want to take away then to protect us?

Dorothy Boyk