St. Clair routs ACC

The Alpena Community College women’s basketball team hosted the No. 2 St. Clair on Monday and couldn’t pull it together in an 85-43 loss.

St. Clair got off to a strong start immediately, taking a 13-0 lead in the first three and a half minutes of the game. 11 of these points were scored by Teisha Knott who finished with 22 points.

ACC finally got on the board two minutes later off of two Katherine Wollan free throws. Free throws were an excellent source of points for the Lumberjacks, as they hit 20-of-26 on the night.

However, the Skippers were able to continue to pull ahead throughout the half, taking off on several streaks that pulled them far ahead of the ACC, which didn’t have much offensive fire.

St. Clair continued to use its depth to score and led 26-9 with nine minutes left in the first half.

The Lumberjacks had some solid defensive play at times, snatching solid rebounds. But their offense continued to stall as St. Clair continued to pull ahead.

In the best of times, that kind of lead is difficult to over come but ACC made a valiant effort against the Skippers in the second half.

Strong points for the Lumberjacks included continuous solid rebounding by Emily Nowak as well as well as a three-pointer by Ashleigh Monticello.

Whitney Frazier did a solid job of setting up offensive and defensive plays but the ball simply failed to fall far too often.

One area ACC beat out the Skippers heavily was with free throws. ACC had 16 straight free throw opportunities and only missed two. Amy Nowak hit seven of these while Wollan hit four.

The Skippers missed nearly all free throws, hitting only 10-of-27 in first the half.

St. Clair continued to assert its dominance offensively and defensively, limiting ACC to six field goals on the night while hitting a lot of its own. In spite of spirited play till the end, the Jacks simply couldn’t assert dominance over St. Clair.

The high point of the night for ACC came early, as head coach Bobby Allen was suddenly surrounded by family members from Flint and Nashville as ACC retired his number 32.

The formerly all-conference and all-state player was stunned as he had no idea his number was being retired or that his family was in town.

“There are no words to express how I feel right now. I’m just speechless. It’s so amazing seeing my family, my auntie, my brothers. I’m so appreciative to ACC for doing that (retiring his number). It was also great to introduce my 13 daughters (the team) to my family. They’re all my family, every one of them,” he said.

St. Clair (85): D. Holmes 1-0-0-2: T. Knott 8-6-7-22: C. Peterson 3-2-4-9: S. Deans 0-1-0-1: H. Highstreet 6-3-5-15: D. Spinner 2-0-0-4: E. Fasel 1-1-2-3: A. Beverly 7-1-3-16: L. Stevens 2-3-6-7: R. Kehoe 3-3-5-6.

Alpena (43): A. Burley 0-1-2-1: L. Seibert 2-3-4-7: A. Nowak 1-6-7-8: E. Nowak 1-4-6-6: S. Cummings 2-0-0-4: W. Frazier 1-0-0-2: A. Monticello 2-2-2-7: K. Wollan 1-6-6-8.