Time to remove power from liberal minority

A lot of us are talking about what four more years of the current administration will mean but we really need to look at it as 2 two-year periods. The first may be a lot different than the second. If in 2014 Democrats are able to take control of the house there will be no opposition to their liberal agenda. The system of checks and balances will be meaningless.

How have we gotten to this point?

America is in the hands of very vocal organized groups. Small loud groups continue to create large areas of influence for themselves. Unions today represent about 6 percent of our labor force yet they are in the news and dictate policy as if they were a majority. A majority of American homes legally have a gun, yet they are loudly criticized by a minority group opposing the Second Amendment. Americans identified as liberal number less than 25 perdent yet they control our government and are on the verge of fundamentally changing America. Other noisy groups seem bigger than their numbers deserve. Group domination ignores, even combats, our democratic traditions.

Conservatives and moderates are a nearly unheard but heavily criticized majority who are cowering from boisterous groups. The conservative agenda of small government, economic freedom and personal liberty may soon be in the past. Conservatives have simple goals: pass a budget, don’t spend more than we earn, carry a gun if necessary, worship as we choose, and make no laws that are not allowed by the constitution as it was originally written.

Our democratic system provides for situations like we face today. Full participation elections leading to majority rule is the answer.

We the people must intensify our efforts to get out the vote and find capable candidates who support the original constitution.


Bob Lamb