Schultz off base in praise of Hillary Clinton

Connie Schultz’s praise of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s outburst at Sen. Johnson’s questions is typical of liberalism’s defense and agreement with the Obama Administration’s arrogance. “What difference does it make?” Schultz’s praise of this arrogant outburst is shameful. The difference, Connie, is that Clinton and Pres. Obama repeatedly lied to the American people in the claim that the Libyan murders were the result of some silly anti Muslim video. All the while, it was known within 24 hours, and announced on a TV program by a government official, that the attacks against the consulate and annex were a planned operation by terrorists with Al-Queda involvement and participation. “What difference does it make that the president and I lied to the American people at Andrews AFB and on the Sunday shows with Ambassador Rice blaming the video for the violence?” is really what the Secretary of State was saying. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to such lies from this administration and their defense of the same. But why should we surprised? This administration from the beginning could hardly open its collective mouth without shamelessly spewing forth lies.

Earl W. Elowsky