Kids need to be considered; vote yes on millage

Alcona’s Kids 1st

For the last 2 1/2 months we have been part of an ongoing conversation around our community about the enhancement millage. As a result, what we want to emphasize is that we all are products of the choices we have made: where we live; what we do; continuing education or not; buying land or not; retiring or not. Many of these choices are framed by the question, “How does this benefit me?” or not. We have 779 kids in our local schools, far fewer than in 1975 when we moved here. This is what’s stunning to us, kids are almost never at the core of this debate. Kids, if you haven’t noticed are largely nonpartisan and are in charge of very few of the most critical decisions that affect their lives, as it should be. It is our job to make those choices with their best interest in mind.

We have empathy for the circumstances adults face, however, we have all decided. Teachers, business owners, retirees, labor have all decided. Our sons have moved away and our grandchildren will never attend our schools, but the kids who are here are all of our responsibility, period.

If you think Lansing will reach out to fix this problem in time, so our local schools are not further damaged, we don’t. We don’t trust Lansing for a second. What we do trust, is the people of our own community. Maybe we could do this together, as adults, and help build a platform for our kids to make better choices than we have made. We believe schools are the centerpiece of future growth. We have decided to vote yes on Feb. 26.

Connie and Bob Petrovich

Jim and Robyn Hart