Hospital promotes wearing red for women’s heart health

ALPENA – Alpena Regional Medical Center cardiac and pulmonary rehab staff members celebrated National Wear Red Day on Friday, raising awareness of women’s heart health. Danielle Davis, charge nurse, said Friday marks a national reminder of the American Heart Assocication’s red dress campaign, fighting against one of the leading causes of women’s death, heart disease.

“Our staff is all wearing red, we even had some patients come in wearing red too,” Davis said. “We’ve done different heart programming off and on, but this really kicks off awareness month.”

According to Davis, women have different heart attack symptoms compared to men. She said women tend to feel sick, have stomach issues, and sometimes pressure in their arms, back, or neck.

“Typically, women feel like something just isn’t right,” she said. “All of our patients here had heart issues, but we’re here to help them get active through our exercise and education programs.”

Davis said patients typically participate in 36 sessions, based on insurance, and attended therapy sessions at least 1-3 times per week to receive the full benefits of the program. Educational sessions also are provided at ARMC, patients meet with dieticians and learn how to handle stresses and manage their health.

“Our job is to show people that they can get out and stay active,” she said. “After going through something like that most people don’t want to do a lot, but we have people here who monitor their health and plan exercises that won’t over do it. We want them to be safe and healthy, plus have something to do at home.”

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