Art in the Loft gets $12,000 grant

Art in the Loft has been awarded a $12,000 grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs , with $2,050 of those funds contributed by the National Endowment for the Arts.

The grant was given through the MCACA peer review process and was one of 233 applications to compete for MCACA fiscal year 2012 funding.

Organizations receiving a MCACA grant award are required to match those funds with other public and private dollars. Local support of the project has included: Bank of Alpena, First Federal of Northern Michigan, and KFC-WMCR. Art in the Loft also receives donations and significant volunteer support from the community.

The MCACA grant has helped fund the Ready, Set, Create! program. This program brings fifth grade students into the Loft for high-quality workshop instruction over a period of five weeks.

The Ready, Set, Create! program introduces students to the Art in the Loft gallery and allows them to become familiar with the environment, supplies, equipment and the staff, while learning a hands-on skill. The program served 450 students during the 2011-12 school year.

All fifth grade students in Alpena County (as well as some fourth and sixth grade students) participated in the program, including students at all public schools, parochial schools, charter schools, home school students and special needs students.

The program was very well-received by students, teachers, schools and the community, and the Loft is now able to continues its success with the help of MCACA. These grants enabled Art in the Loft to hire a part-time education coordinator as well as an assistant to develop, coordinate and teach the program.

In addition, the education coordinator designs and implements new offerings for intermediate level workshops and coordinates the other education programs, including the National Workshop Series, ArtsCool Workshops and Young Artist Workshops.

The MCACA peer review process allows for each grant application to be competitively considered by a panel of in-state arts and culture professionals. This ensures the taxpayers, who support this project through legislative appropriations, and all other visitors or residents in Michigan will have access to the highest quality arts and cultural experiences.

A complete list of grant awards around the state is available by contacting MCACA at (517) 241-4011, or by visiting the MCACA website at