A no vote punishes wrong people; vote yes

I was born and raised here in Lincoln, graduated from Alcona High School and my 4 kids graduated from Alcona High School. We were all provided with a good solid education thanks to the taxpayers of our area. Now is the time to support this generation of students. I read so many letters opposed to this millage and I wonder why. They all admit that Lansing has messed up the funding process so instead of directing their anger at Lansing they decide to punish our school. In trying to correct problems in the funding system does anyone believe that Lansing is pointing their efforts northward? I think their efforts are pointed East, South East, West and South West. I will be voting yes on the millage and I refuse to punish our school for the problems created by Lansing. I urge you to also vote yes and then direct the angry letters to Rick Snyder and the Legislature.

Don Franklin