Enhancement millage should be voted down

I ask what the superintendents and school boards were thinking when they supported this millage; especially in this poor economical time? I question the stewardship of these boards.

This millage, if passed, will put an even heavier burden on the fixed income and working class. Three mills equal $3.00 per $1,000.00 on taxable value (i.e.: $100,000.000 equals $300.00). This is for the next ten years.

Senior citizens, working class need to go to the tax polls on Feb. 26 and vote this millage down. Do not let someone pull the wool over your eyes. The schools will not close, and this is not for special needs children. Do you have the extra finances to pay for this?

The school boards can spend this money as they want.

Please, if you are unable to go to the polls, obtain an absentee ballot from your township clerk.

Richard C. Simmons

Harrisville Township