Editorial: School spirit abounds at Alpena High

School spirit often is talked about, but what exactly is it?

To discover the answer, we suggest you look no further than Alpena High School, where school spirit seems to overflow.

How else can you describe year after year, in regional contests, AHS students either finishing at the top, or near the top in competition.

In past years it was text messaging, with the winnings being channeled to KAPUT activities for students.

The latest was votes connected with a YouTube video that won AHS Choir members the opportunity to sing on stage this weekend with the rock band Foreigner in a performance at Escanaba. AHS finished second in the competition, with the top two choirs able to participate. Gwinn High School finished first with 157,055 votes, while AHS had 138,468.

Some will be critical the event is at a casino. We tend to focus instead on the opportunity this will be for the students to share the stage with the rock band for their last song of the concert – “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

When it comes to students rallying around a common cause for their school, AHS students would appear to be “second to none.”

We wish them well Saturday.

Rock on!