Our country needs to abolish Bill HRE-47

Every newspaper throughout the Country should have front page large headlines saying “Free speech Terminated.”

Last Thursday (17th) the U.S. Congress behind the backs of the people. and without any hearings, voted into law to terminate the free speech of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This bill (HRE-47), was signed into law then by Obama, and without any input from the States which was unconstitutional.

Retired Judge Andrew Napolitano which is the senior judicial analyst for Fox News elaborated what Bill HRE-47 means. He stated that anybody demonstrating, or protesting anything in the vicinity of any political candidate or currently in office can be arrested and charged with a felony. He also mentioned that any Secret Service agent that is partial to whoever the speaker may be can designate any area he sees fit off limits to free speech and could move the opposition to areas that the speaker would not hear.

I said before that “High Treason” and morality anymore are meaningless as well as laughable. We are moving rapidly closer to a lawless full Marxist takeover of this country, and few people, if any in office, are doing anything about it.

A law enforcement agency in Arizona has irrefutable proof that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery and according to re-elected Sheriff Arpaio they have a mountain of evidence that Obama was never eligible for office. U.S. Attorney General Holder was found in contempt of Congress last year for lying and cover up, yet he is still in office.

It is imperative that everyone call or write their representative to abolish Bill HRE-47.

Robert J. Colarusso