We need to support school and our students

There have been several letters in the paper concerning the upcoming school millage election. As a sub, I see first hand the large class sizes, the rooms that aren’t as clean as they could be, and other areas lacking due to budget restraints. The staff works hard to provide a quality education which our students deserve. I look at those kids and know they are just as precious as students in schools with more financial backing. I can’t, in my heart, vote no when the need is so great. If I were starving and wanted three meals per day but were only offered two meals, would it make sense to turn down the offered meals?

The monies raised for Alcona will simply maintain what we have. Perhaps, over the length of the millage increase, improvements can be made. I realize some of our monies won’t stay in Alcona, but a lot will. We need every bit of that money. The core of a community is its school. To attract families with children, the school needs to be healthy. Our community needs a healthy school. It benefits all of us.

I urge you to vote your conscience. These kids are our community’s future as are their parents. I would love someday to hear a choir song, to see elementary students again enjoying art and music classes, to see a reduction in class size in all grades, or to know a counselor is available to help graduating seniors with college applications. Our community freely gives tens of hundreds of dollars in scholarships to support graduating seniors. Let’s give money, in the form of a millage, to all our students to show our support in a different, but vital way.

Joan Crick