Schools need to give public more answers

If we are going to vote on a millage issue that will span 10 years, I have a few questions about what really the money is earmarked for. First, just how much of the “new money” derived in the millage is going to service old debt. This is an important question. Second, if any of the money is going to fund retirement funding, then I and all of us need to know the net investment returns for each of the past 10 fiscal years, as well as one year, three year, five year, 10 year, 30 year, and since inception rolling rates of return.We need to know whether projections ever match actual returns or if these employee pensions are selling us a bill of goods.

Our school district should be required to perform a self evaluation every few years to ensure that it fulfills its mission and serves the public good. In short I believe the School board should hold at least two public meetings until the day of the millage proposal vote.The outcome of these meetings should be posted on line so that the public can make an informed vote and determine if our money is being used for the purpose it was intended for.

Bill Johnson